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Lasting change requires a collaborative approach.

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Nothing hurts the evolution and success of great organization like struggles with alignment. Let's make sure you're creating the right conditions for your organization to flourish.

As organizations evolve, it's imperative to make sure everyone is working in lock-step with your mission, your values, and most importantly, with each other. Vision and values may seem intuitive, but it's easy to lose touch with them in the flurry of day-to-day concerns. Everyone is working so hard, it's easy to lose touch with working smart, or worse - lose touch with why you're passionate about the organization to begin with.

Building a culture of alignment and innovation can be the difference between your organization's long-term success or failure.

All our engagements include some aspects of this work - adopting new growth and impact strategies will often require cultural shifts in order to make them successful. We'll work to get input from your team, and help you implement the structures needed to make sure the impact of our work together persists long into the future.

As an impact investment firm, Mission Driven Finance looks at each organization's impact, management, and finances to determine if they can repay a loan and help create the world we want to live in. We're accountable to our investors to generate financial and impact returns, so we only fund organizations that have a viable path to success.

Lauren Grattan,
Director of Community Engagement
Mission Driven Finance
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We take a strategic, collaborative approach to everything we do - driving impact, alignment, and helping you reach the new levels of impact.

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