Introducing the Moonshot Collective

Introducing a new organizational development advisor, purpose-built for the social sector. We specialize in helping nonprofits and social enterprises increase capacity, impact, and transform their organizations.

My name is Mike Spear, and I’m the founder of The Moonshot Collective, a boutique organizational development advisor for purpose-driven organizations. The fact is, social-good organizations working to tackle some of the most important and pernicious challenges facing humanity, are often doing so without the time, resources, or expertise they need to be successful. That famous Dan Pallota TED talk was originally published back in 2013, and while it’s been extremely influential and oft-quoted over the past 7 years, little seems to have changed with how many social good organizations actually operate.

For a variety of reasons, they’re often simply set up to fail - or worse, to remain stuck in a perpetual cycle of barely succeeding, unable to grow, and underperforming their potential. exists because good people dedicating their lives and careers to their visions for a better, more just, peaceful, and happier future, deserve every opportunity for success - and often, the causes they’re choosing to tackle are too important for anything less.

They deserve access to industry-leading solutions, innovative ideas, artful implementation, and the human capital needed to execute. They deserve to invest in their own success and leverage every tool and resource available to help them achieve their missions. exists to help these organizations reach their full potential - strategically, collaboratively, and with purpose. works in a variety of disciplines and we assist our clients in a variety of ways - from simple thought partnership to full implementation - but everything we do starts with a compelling why and a clear vision for the future. We learn everything we can about the organizations and the challenges they’re seeking to overcome. We dig deep to truly understand where they’re trying to go, and work hand-on with you to help them reach their next plateau.

We love unique challenges, innovative ideas, and uphill battles. We love dynamic, goodhearted leaders, and we love going above and beyond to support them. We’ve already collaborated with some amazing people and organizations since we began our work in 2019, and we’re just getting started.

Is your organization in need of an infusion of capacity and expertise? Are you struggling to break free of the limitations you’re currently facing and reach new levels of efficiency and impact? The team at can help. Drop us a line - we’re always happy to do a little brainstorming, and if we’re not the ideal partner for your specific goals and challenges, chances are we can recommend someone who is. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the Author:

Mike Spear
Mike is the founder and lead consultant at The Moonshot Collective. Prior to launching, Mike spent 12+ years leading strategic business development at where he worked with a dozens of purpose-driven organizations on a variety of strategic initiatives. Mike also spent 10+ years as a journalist and filmmaker. He holds a master's degree in broadcast journalism from NYU and a bachelors degree in American literature and culture from UCLA.

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