Serious causes deserve serious solutions.

Today’s world is rife with important social causes that need addressing now. From global climate change, to poverty, to education, mental health, and equal justice, the list of causes whose solutions are long overdue is staggering.

Solving these challenges is a lot easier said than done, and real change takes more than just a dream. It takes clarity, focus, powerful strategies, and resources to drive success. Unfortunately, many of the people and organizations fighting on the front lines of these issues, are doing so from positions of weakness instead of strength. That's where Moonshot comes in.

We believe that anyone willing to stand up and tackle humanity’s most important challenges deserves all the support and resources they need to make their vision a reality. 

Our firm is not for everyone. We partner with high potential, high-impact leaders, to help them reach new frontiers of growth and impact. We’re not looking to make incremental change, or help our clients hit a few vanity metrics.

What we will do is partner with you and with other leaders in your organization. We’ll dive deep to help you clarify what it is your organization really stands for and what it's looking to accomplish. We'll help your team align more closely with your mission and values, and we’ll help you develop unique strategies and leverage the best tools for accomplishing your mission.

Today's challenges are too important to give anything less than our best. All this chaos represents incredible opportunities for those with passion and expertise to make a real difference in the world - to challenge the status quo, and create a new, healthier, more just future for humanity.

You've chosen to answer the call, and we're here to make sure you have every opportunity for success.

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Our Values

We believe long-term success for any organization requires a commitment to strong core values, and is no different. Here are some of ours...

We’re on your side, and we’ll be open and honest with you in everything we do. And, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right. We set our own standard for quality and deliver with excellence on everything we commit to.

We’ll go deep into the most important goals and challenges you have at your organization. We’ll speak with all stakeholders, learn the greater context, and get to the very heart of the issues you’re seeking to address.

We think outside the box in everything we do. If we don’t have the tools, we’ll get them, and if we don’t know, we’ll learn. Dogma is dead - we’ll come up with the RIGHT solutions, no matter what the established experts say. We learn from the past, but we embrace the unknown.

We’re not about incremental change - we want to make a foundational impact on the organizations we partner with. As we go, we bring all key stakeholders along with us - we teach, train, and mentor until the organization is ready to thrive without us.

Cause & Purpose Podcast is home to Cause & Purpose, a podcast about leaders in the social impact sector. Hear their stories, successes, failures, and lessons-learned from lives spent in the trenches, tackling the world’s most important challenges.

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