Launching the Cause & Purpose Podcast

Introducing Cause & Purpose, a new podcast specifically for social sector leaders like you!

Introducing the Cause & Purpose Podcast. My name is Mike Spear, and in addition to being the founder of, I’m the creator and host of Cause & Purpose. Throughout my career, one thing I’ve always been passionate about is telling the stories of those who are underrepresented, as well as the stories of people working hard in the pursuit of social justice, and making the world a better place.

I’ve been fortunate to have met and collaborated with many such people, and am discovering new ones all the time. I’ve learned from them, been inspired by them, and am continuously humbled by the incredible difference they’re making in the world - in their own communities and in the lives of people they might never even meet.

This podcast is about them and they organizations they’re building - their stories from life in the trenches, their inspirations, successes and failures, and the lessons they’ve learned through careers spent in the service of others. This podcast is mostly focused on telling their stories, but we’ll also try to uncover actionable insights in every episode, that you can put to use in your own organizations today.

Each episode will feature a different leader in the social sector. We’ll aim to bring you new episodes once a month at first, but plan to increase that rate, and add a variety of other content pieces as our capacity grows.

Cause & Purpose has been a passion project some time, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. The first few episodes are online now - please take a few moments to listen. And, if you like the content, subscribe, share, and leave us a review on your favorite podcasting platform.

As with, we’re working hard to build a sense of community around the podcast. So, if you have feedback for us, recommendations, or requests for people you’d like us to interview, please don’t be shy - we’d love to hear from you.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the podcast, and find it as inspirational and informative as we do.

About the Author:

Mike Spear
Mike is the founder and lead consultant at The Moonshot Collective. Prior to launching, Mike spent 12+ years leading strategic business development at where he worked with a dozens of purpose-driven organizations on a variety of strategic initiatives. Mike also spent 10+ years as a journalist and filmmaker. He holds a master's degree in broadcast journalism from NYU and a bachelors degree in American literature and culture from UCLA.

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